Nojal Favorite Painting Lucifer

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©2011-2013 ~BURNCHRIST69

I do not know the depth, Of admiration that I feel for you.

Patriarch, Your meditation and prayer for me reach the highest.

Most beautiful is thee that loves me.

With thoughts of you this place becomes a sanctum.

Knowing that I am in your thoughts, keeps me.

Real, right, sure-enough, true, Lucifer

Enter The World Of Bensimonds at WordPress | Abandoned Warehouse Power Station

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Selden Vos VIII:


Ben Simonds. I’m a 3D artist and one half of Gecko Animation Limited. This blog is a sort of hybrid portfolio site/place where I post tutorials and other stuff. He also post sculpts at Mountain of Minutes and occasionally do tutorials for


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Hmm, maybe it was a power station, maybe a factory or a warehouse. All we know now is it’s falling apart. A project I began a long time ago, which has been gathering dust on my hard drive, so I thought I’d post it up. At some point in the future I might resurrect it in its originally intended animated form, but for now here are some stills.

All the modelling was done in blender 2.49, with some sculpting and texturing in blender 2.5. Most of the texturing was done in GIMP, with a whole bunch of textures from Rendering was done in V-Ray, thanks to Andrey Izrantsev’s fantastic blender 2.49 to vray exporter (though the newer 2.5 version is even better). Compositing was done in blender 2.5.

Click images for full size (1920×1080) versions.

Alternatively if you want to see them all nice and large you can view…

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Dior Andy Warhol handbag – Telegraph

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Here we have the hybrid. ‘For me Warhol made so much sense,’ Simons explains. ‘I was interested in the delicacy and sensitivity of his early work and drawn to that graphic style. It was that notion of hand work and personal signature that fitted throughout.’ If you are more of a Dalí woman, or prefer the Surrealists, they, too, are present in this winter’s Dior collection.

via Dior Andy Warhol handbag – Telegraph.

via Dior Andy Warhol handbag – Telegraph.

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